Whitelist-AGI: Whitelisting a number from your extension

Whitelist-AGI has a limited ability to add numbers to the whitelist by using feature code *33. You can choose to add either the last caller into the extension or an arbitrary number.

Because the existing set of sounds in FreePBX doesn’t have the same support for whitelisting as it does blacklisting, some of the prompts and responses are a touch … inventive.

Do the following to add a number to the whitelist from your extension.

  1. Call *33. You will hear the following menu:

    • “To whitelist the last caller, press 1.”
    • “To enter a different number, press 2.”
  2. Press 1 or 2

    • If you press 1, Whitelist-AGI will say “The last caller was” and goes to the next step
    • If you press 2, Whitelist-AGI will prompt: “Please enter the telephone number, then press pound.” Enter the digits and press the # key.
  3. Whitelist-AGI reads back the digits of the last caller or the ones you entered, then plays the following menu:

    • “To whitelist this number, press 1.”
    • “To enter a different number, press 2.”
    • “To hear the CallerID of the last call, press 3”. This is played only if you selected option 1 from the main prompt, and is available so you can hear the number again.
  4. Select 1, 2, or 3 as prompted

  5. If the attempt to add the number ot the whitelist succeeds, you’ll hear, “The number was successfully whitelisted. Good-Bye.” and the call ends. “Success” means either the number and whatever name Whitelist-AGI could find for it were added to the whitelist, or the last inbound number is already whitelsited.

  6. If you try to add an arbitrary number that is already in the whitelist, the software see this as an error and plays the following rather fractured message: “We’re sorry. Duplication. That number is currently whitelisted. Please contact technical support.”

    For example, you want to add Mary Jane at 202-555-0120, so you call *33 and choose option 2. But you mistype the number as 202-555-0102 and don’t catch the error when it’s played back, so you press 1 to whitelist it. But the number is already in the list as the Lake Manitoba Steamship Company. Rather than mislead you into thinking you had successfully added Mary Jane, Whitelist-AGI plays the error message and hangs up.