Devex Opus


Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the home page and blog of a long term geek running Linux.

You can read my blog here. I started it in late 2019 to share my experience and the neat things I’ve learned along the way, seeding it with five years worth of notes that I kept prior. It’s almost all computer related, and most of that is Linux. Because the source material is often from notes that I simply jotted down at some point, at times the entries are a little disjointed and lacking in context. But hopefully what’s there is understandable. Some details have been anonymised to protect the privacy of people and companies.

Brian’s Useful Utilities Set

Brian’s Useful Utilities Set is a collection of two dozen utilities I’ve written that I use on a regular basis. The linked page has the list and a full description of each utility.

QRetail Port

In 2019 I ported a 1980s-era DOS point of sale sytem to Linux. You can read my notes and progress on the QRetail Port blog.

A grab bag of useful information

These links are on the front page instead of in the blog to make them easier to find.